Project WELL-MED: Well-being and health of medical students and physicians in training


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In Austria, approximately 900,000 people suffer from mental illness. Medical professionals in particular seem to be exposed to a high risk of illness (Austrian Social Insurance Institutions and Salzburg Health Insurance Fund, 2009).
About 25% of all practicing physicians und around 20% of all physicians in hospitals are seriously affected (Bergner, 2006). More than 50% of Austrian physicians describe characteristics of burnout. Hospital workplaces are often characterized by high work demands, low decision-making latitude and lack of resources to deal with these stressors (Glaser et al., 2005; Peter & Ulich, 2003). They are also associated with poor working conditions, high stress levels, and low job satisfaction.
1/3 of physicians surveyed would not choose to study medicine again at this time (DiePresse.com, 13.3.2012). These data demonstrate the need to promote health and well-being for effective prevention of burnout among physicians.